Why Remortgage?

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Why remortgage?

Your existing mortgage deal may be coming to an end and your about to move onto the lenders standard variable rate which could result in an increase in your monthly mortgage payments.

Remortgaging before your term ends could potentially save you money by switching to another deal or another lender. There are plenty of reasons why you might want to consider a remortgage, perhaps you want to cover the cost of home improvements or pay off more expensive debts.

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Moving to a new lender while staying in the same property could save you thousands of pounds each year.

We can search all current mortgage deals, including those with added offers or benefits to make sure you are getting the mortgage rate that suits your circumstances. Moving, improving or simply want a better rate, remortgaging with Homeline may be simpler than you think.

If you haven’t reviewed your existing mortgage for about 5 years, if your circumstances have changed, if you’ve come to the end of your current mortgage term or your property has increased in value since you bought – it then remortgaging could be an excellent financial decision.

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